Arielle Norman has been referred to as "the Wario version of Ellen" and as "South Park brought to life as a lesbian."

She hosts and produces the show Off Script, a monthly show where the audience is encouraged to heckle the comics, leading to derailed hilarity, and she hosts the Leading the Blind podcast, where she interviews comics for comedy career advice in this ever-changing world as well as the Gender Fluids 'cast, about all the sex and all the people.

Arielle has performed in Austin's

Moontower Comedy Festival

Sound on Sound



Out of Bounds comedy festivals as well as

The Orlando Indie Fest

Houston's Whatever Fest

Seattle's Highlarious Fest

Atlanta's Laughing Skull Festival

New Orlean's Hell Yes Comedy Festival and comedy shows around the country.



From the sick, deranged, gender-fucked minds of Arielle Norman and Austin Smartt comes a new podcast about all the sex and all the people. Gender Fluids is available on iTunes and is not for children, unless you want your children to be real cool (and need therapy.. but who doesn't?).



I also created a podcast called Leading the Blind to discuss how the hell to develop a career in comedy in this day and age. Everything is changing, and no one really knows what they're doing, so Brett VerVoort and I are asking comics who have accomplished some level of career (this wildly varies) for advice and insight. Check it out on iTunes.  Or on Stitcher. Or on Player Fm if that's yo thang. Or straight from our producer's website.








Off Script invites you and your friends to come heckle some of Austin’s best standup comics, with prizes for the best hecklers and free gourmet pizza from That's Real Comedy for all!

Your host_ Arielle Norman.jpg

Hosted by: Arielle Norman

This month’s lineup:
-Danny Goodwin (Host of Chortle Portal and The Gross Lonely Boys podcast)
-Norah Franklin
-Joe Tullar (Moontower Comedy Festival)
-Tyler Groce (The Herbs and Spices Comedy Show)
and Austin Smartt (Returning favorite of Off Script, Austin is Arielle's cohost on the Gender Fluids podcast) 

It's the only comedy show where you’re not only allowed to heckle the comics, you’re supposed to! Come force five of Austin’s best comics out of their heads and on their toes by yelling out your thoughts on their summer fling/racist grandpa/handsy uncle/funeral jokes! 

May 4th - 9:30pm - $7 Online, $10 Door – Buy your tickets today. This shit sells out.

Get there early and sit up front for some bonus prizes!

Twitter: @offscriptcomedy