Arielle Isaac Norman
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Arielle Isaac Norman is an Austin-based comedian who’s known for delighting, shocking, (and often grossing out) audiences across the country. She was a 2018 and 2019 finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin contest, and she has performed at Moontower, Laughing Skull, CloudTop and many other festivals. Along with trans chick comedian Ava Smartt, Arielle hosts the weekly podcast Gender Fluids, which takes an explicit and unapologetic look into the rarely explored depths of sex, gender, kinks and fetishes. In Austin she hosts the monthly shows BackYard Sluts, a dirty-themed backyard show, as well as, Off Script, where heckling is not only allowed but rewarded.

Also she’s a twice-divorced, ex-mormon, poly, genderfluid lesbian from Houston. Arielle goes with she/her mostly for sex reasons. Find her on Tinder.

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