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One of my coolest friends describes me as "the Wario version of Ellen." I would say I'm more like what would happen if Ellen let Big Jay Oakerson raise her kid.

I host and produce the show Off Script, where the audience is encouraged to and even rewarded for heckling the comics. It's very fun.

Trans chick comedian Austin Smartt and I host called Gender Fluids together, an intensely candid podcast about sexuality and gender from a couple of boundary-pushing queers with dark senses of humor.

I also cohost the Leading the Blind podcast, where Brett VerVoort and I interview comics for comedy career advice in this ever-changing world.

I've performed in Austin's

Moontower Comedy Festival, Sound on Sound, FunFunFun, Altercation and Out of Bounds comedy festivals as well as

The Orlando Indie Fest

Houston's Whatever Fest

Seattle's Highlarious Fest

Atlanta's Laughing Skull Festival

New Orlean's Hell Yes Comedy Festival and (mostly indie) shows around the country.

Check out my performance on Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher's "Put Your Hands Together" unless you're my first ex-wife, in which case you might wanna never watch any of my comedy.



From the sick, deranged, gender-fucked minds of Arielle Isaac Norman and Austin Smartt comes a new podcast about all the sex and all the people. Gender Fluids is available on iTunes, Spotify (and everywhere else) and is not for children, unless you want your children to be real cool (and need therapy.. but who doesn't?).



I also created a podcast called Leading the Blind to discuss how the hell to develop a career in comedy in this day and age. Everything is changing, and no one really knows what they're doing, so Brett VerVoort and I are asking comics who have accomplished some level of career (this wildly varies) for advice and insight. Check it out on iTunes.  Or on Stitcher. Or on Player Fm if that's yo thang. Or straight from our producer's website.







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It's the only comedy show where you’re not only allowed to heckle the comics, you’re supposed to! Come force five of Austin’s best comics out of their heads and on their toes by yelling out your thoughts on their jokes!

November 17th - 10:00pm - $10 Online, $12 Door – Buy your tickets today. This shit sells out.

Get there early and sit up front for some bonus prizes!

Drinks provided by Party Pulse!

Twitter: @offscriptcomedy



Hey! Off Script was featured in The Statesman!

Off Script invites you and your friends to come heckle some of Austin’s best standup comics, with prizes for the best hecklers and free gourmet pizza from That's Real Comedy for all!

Hosted by: Arielle Isaac Norman

This month's lineup:

-Ron Lechler (The ridiculous, kind, wonderful human behind Cider House Rulz at Austin Eastciders, first and third Fridays at 8pm)

-Brett VerVoort (a co-writer and performer in “Eggs Untitled Space Project,” a sci-fi dark comedy, every Saturday at 7pm at The Fallout Theater)

-Jered McCorkle (Host of the Bubble & Squeak comedy show at Brentwood Social House, last Fridays at 8pm)

-Derick Fields (World Series of Comedy)

and Aaron Brooks (The Lanalax Corporation Podcast, Half of Barrel o’ Fun’s Six Shooter’s boy band Knuck Deep, 2nd Wednesdays at 8pm)