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Over the Rainbow Comedy

Dont have FOMO come hang with a funny HOMO

8pm - Free
Barrel O' Fun -- Alamo Drafthouse Mueller

Before yall go out tonight, consider coming to a Free show. Tonight is our first show and we have National Headliner Keisha Hunt. 

Free Show. Free parking. Free show.

ANND we partnered with The Comedy Resistance, to activate and register voters. Texas has a pretty good chance of making some big changes this year and y'all can help support that change - just by showing up.

July 27th line-up includes: Host Colton Dowling. Featuring: Ralphie Hardesty, Arielle Isaac Norman, Symply Courtney.

Improv Team: Pan Labyrinth (members: Alonso Salas, Adrian Prado, Frank Sánchez, Meagan Hoff, Brandi Davis, and Angelina Martin)

This event is free, but we encourage you to make a donation to the local talent ((and help us get an accurate headcount)) here: