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Noise Under the Sky Fest

The Second Annual Noise Under The Texas Sky Music Art and Comedy Festival.

Saturday May 5th
Gates at Noon
*Lineup and times scheduled to change. Check site for updates. *Rain or Shine. If it rains too much we will move it inside. Bring earplugs.

Vämps DJ Set 11PM-Finish
Andrew Horneman 10:50PM
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy 10PM
Melody Shifflet 9:50PM
Screamin' J 9PM
Luis Flandes 8:50PM
Vampyre 8PM
Austin Smartt 7:50PM (My Gender Fluids podcast co-host)
Chief and the Doomsday Device 7PM
Sahana Srinivasan 6:50PM
(The)Medicine Theory 6PM
Trace Holt 5:50PM
Rachel Hall 4:50PM
Pleasure Venom 4PM
Ky Krebs 3:50PM
Dayshifters 3PM
Adam Weightman 2:50PM
Born Again Virgins 2PM
Nikita Redkar 1:50PM

Sunday May 6th

Gates @ 1PM

Adam Serwa 7:40PM
Worm Suicide 7PM
Angelo Vescio 6:50PM
The Clastic 6PM
Andrew Murphy 5:50PM
Thunderosa 5PM
Taylor Dowdy 4:50PM
Conwaythewhale 4PM
Brett Vervoort 3:50PM
Dayeater 3PM
Arielle Norman 2:50PM
The Spoils 2PM
Chad Fisher 1:50PM