What a Joke

  • New Movement 616 Lavaca Street Austin, TX, 78701 United States

Get your tickets now - all proceeds go to the ACLU!


"Comedians from all over the world are joining together to acknowledge an historic inauguration with a national comedy event called What a Joke. Austin is one of 29 cities across the world supporting this event, with a fantastic and diverse lineup to get you laughing so that we can keep smiles on for the next four years. All proceeds go the ACLU so that we can continue supporting civil liberties that may be threatened by this administration."

Robert Segovia (brown)

Carina Magyar (trans)
Arielle Norman (lesbian/genderless)
Devon Walker (black)
Kat Combs (lez)
Ralphie Hardesty (gay)
Eric Nimmer (black)

January 20
January 21
Laugh Out Proud