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One of my coolest friends said he calls me "the Wario version of Ellen." One of my fans said I was more like Kate McKinnon doing an impersonation of Ellen. I describe myself as South Park brought to life as a genderqueer and generally queer ex-Mormon comedian.

I host and produce the show Off Script, where the audience is encouraged to and even rewarded for heckling the comics. It's very fun.

Trans chick comedian Austin Smartt and I host called Gender Fluids together, an intensely candid podcast about sexuality and gender from a couple of boundary-pushing queers with dark senses of humor.

I also cohost the Leading the Blind podcast, where Brett VerVoort and I interview comics for comedy career advice in this ever-changing world.

I've performed in Austin's

Moontower Comedy Festival, Sound on Sound, FunFunFun, Altercation and Out of Bounds comedy festivals as well as

The Orlando Indie Fest

Houston's Whatever Fest

Seattle's Highlarious Fest

Atlanta's Laughing Skull Festival

New Orlean's Hell Yes Comedy Festival and (mostly indie) shows around the country.

Check out my performance on Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher's "Put Your Hands Together" unless you're my first ex-wife, in which case you might wanna never watch any of my comedy.